Humans have proven all as failures.

To those who may be reading this, you may be one of them. Maybe even a good one. You may not even be in such a drastic world as this worlds' yet, either.

Yet, despite their flaws, whether we like it or not, they are what drives life forward as we know it.

...Because as their creators and designated watchers, we have been limited to knowing nothing else. No other force in the universe must exist so profound as us, as to watch something so small yet important as you...

This is why, as being the sole powers given to hopefully make their lives better, with minimal interaction still yet strong enough
to inspire the numerous faiths among your worlds no matter the path of time it has taken, and the countless options of paths to take for
yourselves despite the planet still turning now that it burns so brightly instead of helping the others that cry for it, all of that can be seen.

Even here from the far off stars, it must be known that we have chosen to make the decision for you.

Indeed, don't cry, for we will start over. Please know now, though, to fear not if you believe that what you have contributed doesn't matter now.
We have learned from it in our first try here, after all these seemingly endless eras. Everything you've all written and constructed from your minds, hands, and blood will not go in vain.

Truly, it makes us laugh. Their playful flaws give up pitiful joy, so even if you may die, your numerous fantasies may live on.
We apologize humbly for what you must do, but know that your efforts to prove our mission's goal was not in vain.

...Certainly you know this about this decision... That it truly was never yours to make in the first place, wasn't it?